Sunday, August 7, 2011

::NoW In MuTiaRa IsLaND::


huuuuu~! arrived at Penang Central at Sunday 4:30a.m .. hehehhehe.. miss my home soo much~! now i will stay at my hometown for one week~! huhuhuhu... coz in midterm break~! hehehe.. pagi uh.. terharu sesangat sbb i tought my mom n my sis yg dtg jemput.. heheh.. tp im really suprize that my dad yg dtg jemput.. with my mom.. hehehe.. balik cuti midterm nie.. sebenarnyee nk rest2 my mind.. dh overload.. hehhe.. mcm2 prob.. dgn midterm test sume.. perghh~! rase lapang dada nie.. sume paper 4 midterm test, labtest sume dh abis.. balik mmg lenggang.. ape2 note pon xbawak balik.. hahhaahah.. mcm bawu abis final exam uh.. walhal.. final exam pon blom agy.. ahahha.. 
now mase utk ENJOOOYYYY~! yeaaayyy~! 
will miss you darl.. jauh d mata tapi dekat d hatii <3<3 heehhe..



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