Monday, March 7, 2011


i have got my result 4midterm test in subjek programming data struct n algorithm..
really2 x sngke... coz.. i x dew la struggle sgt utk midterm nie.. tp ALHAMDULILLAH..  
i have got TOP 9 in section2 1 dipIT..
amin...thanx to my mom coz always pray 4 my success...  all my family...hee.. and also for all my fwenz.. 
n terutama skali untuk my lectrer MISS NURIDAWATI... coz.. u the best lectrer dlm subjek nie.. cara pengajaran yg sgt berkesan.. n really make make fall in LOVE in this subject.. 
i hope i will get more better than this.. n want to seat at top 5 plak after this.. hahah..
btw.. i besyukur sgt2 dgn ape yg telah i perolehi... 



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